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課程資料 Curriculum Details

課程類別 Curriculum type : No information

課程編排 Curriculum arrangement

North American Curriculum

學習/教學方式及活動 Learning/Teaching approach & activities

Teachers plan activities, engage students in the learning process, assess the success of their students in reaching the goals established, and then reformulate the plan according to the results. The "student as a learnee" is at the center of the framework. The "outcomes" for this program are that the students should achieve the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

學習評估 Learning assessment

Assessment will be communicated through ongoing returned student work and projects, a parent conference in the first and second half of the school year, a portfolio of student work, and a report at the end of each semester. In addition, teachers will communicate about student work through the use of the student's communication book or planner and through telephone conversations/meetings and e-mails as necessary.

學校特色 School Characteristics

學校使命及抱負 School vision and mission:

Carmel is a Jewish Day School committed to providing students with the highest international standards of Jewish and secular education, grounded in personalized attention, a supportive environment and state-of-the-art techniques. Carmel is committed to developing and teaching an exciting, challenging and relevant curriculum in both Jewish and General Studies. Carmel is also committed to teaching students about, and fostering a love for, Jewish values and traditions, and the Land and State of Israel, its language and culture.

對學生支援 Support students:

We provide English as an additional language and support to students with special needs.

家長活動/聯繫 Other activities / communication with parents

Carmel School has a very active and dedicated PTA whose main objective is to support the school through giving time and arranging fundraising events. Other responsibilities include organizing, sponsoring and assisting with holiday events.

The school communicates with parents through communication books, school reports, portfolios, memos, weekly newsletter, email, grade level back to school evenings and parent teacher conferences.

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