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  • 電話: 852-2504 1978
  • 傳真: 852-2577 4836

課程資料 Curriculum Details

課程類別 Curriculum type
非本地 Non-local
課程編排 Curriculum arrangement
Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (UK).
學習∕教學方式及活動 Learning/Teaching approach & activities
Early Year Foundation Stage (UK), free flow play/focus times with teachers in small groups.
學習評估 Learning assessment
Early Year Foundation Stage Written reports and development tick charts per school year.

學校特色 School Characteristics

學校使命及抱負 School vision and mission
Providing stimulating and fun learning environment for children to fulfill their full potential.
對學生支援 Support to students
Children under the age of 4 working in groups of no more than 8 children. Children above the age of 4 working in groups of no more than 14 children. Accept one special needs student to each class.
與家長聯繫 Link with parents
家長教師會 Parent-teacher association
有 Yes
其他家長活動/聯繫 Other activities/communication with parents
E-mails, phone, outdoor visits, parent communication book, discussion before/after class, parent volunteering during class sessions, parents days.

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