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  • 孖寶3歲生日 請繼續保有這開心快樂笑容同大笑嘅能力 Happy 3rd birthday!
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孖寶3歲生日 請繼續保有這開心快樂笑容同大笑嘅能力 Happy 3rd birthday!

Written by // 荔枝孖媽 2018.08.17 瀏覽次數 693










愛你們呀~Happy 3rd birthday!


My Sweet Baby Boys,

Hum….maybe it’s time that Mummy stop calling you boys’ baby. You two are 3 now. Thank you for letting me be your mummy. I just hope you two actually get to read this yourself one day.

You boys are now 3 years old, I seriously feel like it was only yesterday we found out I was pregnant, seeing you for the first time on the first scan, then a second time and noticed that we are carrying twins. Finally giving birth at 15 August 2015 by you boy’s choices. It was such a magical day and I am so grateful to have you two in my life. You two brighten up even the darkest days and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

No matter how hard the week was, or how hard the year’s been for us, you two will always put a smile on my face. You two are the reason I can get through the tough times; you two are my motivation for everything. I am grateful every day of my life for this amazing, perfect little creature we created. You two have already made me the happiest and most fulfilled Mummy in the world.

That is the thing, Caydan & Ramsey; you two have always inspired me to be what I needed to be. Strong, courageous, forgiving, patient. If Mummy have ever been proud of who I am, it is because of you two. I pray that I am the kind of Mummy that makes you two proud, too.

You boys have no idea how much you two have surprised Mummy & Daddy this past year.

It is proven to be a bit challenge that you two just don’t wanna sit still sometimes. Not that I can blame you boys. Because of this I try to bring you two to the places that I know you boys can run and play and have fun. That is what you boys should be doing at this age! There will be plenty of time to sit and be boring when you two are older.

You two are sibling, a lifelong buddy to play with and it is the most beautiful thing. You two are beginning to play together more and more. You two have always been mostly kind to each other, but now you both play more and fight more and Mummy understand that it is nature.

Over this last year you two have really shown us what you boys are interested in. You love cars and trains of course, but you two also really enjoy other vehicles, as well as painting. 

My hope for you two this next year, is that you boys continue to explore the things that you love, and try new things. I hope you two making more friends, and show the world how bright your light shines. 

I am excited to see how much you two learn, and hear more of what you two are thinking about. Everyone we know mentions how sweet you two are, and I hope you two never lose that. I hope you two grow up to be polite, brilliant, handsome young men who are KIND to others.

I am so proud to be you boys Mummy. I feel so lucky that you two are my son. You two are the perfect little boys for me, and for that I thank god every day.

Know that Mummy & Daddy always here for you boys and I love you two more than you know! 

And you know what? No matter how big you boys get, you two will always be my babies.

I would not be me without all three years of you two. For you boys and these most magical years, you two have granted me with your unconditional love, I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you, my little boys. I love you Caydan & Ramsey.

Happy 3rd birthday!

With love from the bottom of our heart,

Mummy & Daddy

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