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Happy half-birthday! 謝謝你們選了我們當你們地上的父母

Written by // 荔枝孖媽 2017.02.15 瀏覽次數 797

My dear 18 Months Old Baby Boys

謝謝你們一年半前,在孖媽最需要你們的時候,選了我們當你們地上的父母。 謝謝你們,讓我當了我最想當的角色 : 媽媽 

It's hard to believe it's already been 18 months since you two came into our lives. It seems like just last week, but it also seems like you boys have always been a part of our lives.

6200+ Diapers
200+ Can Milk Formula
1300+ Bath
100+ Bananas
100+ Avocado
100+ Jars Cream
0 Full Night’s sleep
100,000+ Kisses
Unlimited Love

That’s how our family spent the past amazing 18 months with the boys…….and many more!

I watched you two grow from my precious little babies, into my sweet little boys.

You two are now love to do big boy things now, just like all big boys do, you guys have a mind of your own. And you two little man warm my heart every day with your smile and laughter.

Caydan vocabulary has grown so much, it is so heart warming when we heard you says ‘’按摩’. It is so cute and you eagerly bring your dad and I books to read, sometimes wanting read it by yourself. You are better able to articulate your needs and understand so much more.

You boys love to be tickled and laugh. When we take you two to restaurants, you both love to flirt and be social. People always compliment us on how good you two are.

Ramsey always do things in your own way and in your own time, and Mummy is learning to be okay with this. And I love the way that you always willing to share even the things you love with others. Mummy knows it is not easy!

Ramsey curiosity is endless and sometimes can be fearless, especially when he know we are around. I try to give you the freedom that you need to explore and take risks while making sure you are safe.
Sometime you get hurts, falling down. It breaks my heart to see you upset or get hurts.
Both of you are so good natured, never staying mad long.

I have been given a lot of parenting advice over the past year and a half. I have made plenty of mistakes, but my love for you boys never wavers. Being a parent is not easy, and yet you boys make it all worthwhile. Even on the more difficult days, you guys never fail to make me smile. I cannot begin to tell you how much you boys mean to me—how glad I am to have you two in my life.

In the pass 18 months, you have changed my world, and I am so proud of both of you little boys are becoming!

Happy half-birthday!

We love you through and through.
Mummy & Daddy

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